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Business visa Italy

Business visa Italy allows entry in Italy for foreigners intending to travel for business purposes, for contacts or negotiations

Business visa allows to entry in Italy Italian for foreigners intending to travel for business purposes, for contacts or negotiations, for learning or verifying the use and operation of capital goods bought or sold under commercial contracts and industrial cooperation. Allows access to people working in the field of fashion (fashion models mannequins / bulls), to members of television crews, radio and film, as well as to those working in the fields of transport and for business needs have to travel and move from one country to another (drivers, crew of aircraft etc.).

The requirements and conditions for obtaining a visa are:
1. the condition of "trader - commercial" of the applicant;
2. the economic purpose - commercial journey for which a visa is required;
3. the existence and the actual activities carried out in Italy by any traders who require the visa in favor of the foreign. In particular in the course of the administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and requires documenting guarantees the existence and the effective activity of any Italian operators that require the issuance of visas in favor of the foreign national (ie certificate of registration to the chamber of Commerce, business registration certificate);
4. adequate means of subsistence, in any case not less than the amount stability by the Ministry of Interior with the directive referred to in Article 4, paragraph 3 of the TU n. 286/1998. these amounts under Articles. 3 and 6 of the directive of the Ministry of Interior 1.03.200 are equal to the amount of stability for issuing visas for tourism (just take out a surety policy input for foreigners. The business visa can be issued to persons who accompany, for documented business reasons, the applicant. In the course of the administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the applicant demonstrates, for the issue of this authorization, in addition to the general requirements listed above, additional assumptions, namely:
1. The program of stay, with the contacts indicated "business" and contact details provided in Italy, or letter of invitation of the Italian company, the availability of accommodation (hotel booking, declaration of hospitality, written statement from the to bear the costs of accommodation, etc.);
2. health insurance with minimum coverage of € 30,000 for expenses for emergency hospital treatment and repatriation costs.
3. Bank Guarantee for foreigners arriving in Italy to secure livelihoods.
In the case of visa requested by people who work in the fashion industry specific assumption is the invitation letter written by the agency of fashion which must indicate the type of assignment given to the person, the kind of cooperation established between the companies in place, the place where accommodating the alien and the person who will bear the costs of travel and accommodation. In order to facilitate and make more rapid release of Codest seen any diplomatic or consular Italian, as a result of bilateral agreements between Italy and the country, concluded the agreements with local chambers of commerce or commercial institutions are well known, thus simplifying all matters relating to the grant of such authorization, even in the form of multiple-entry visa. The EC Regulation. 532/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council has a list of certificates / receipts / evidence that the border guards may ask citizens not belonging to the Schengen area in order to ascertain that has been followed for the purpose of the trip (requiring the invitation signed firm or an authority to attend meetings, conferences, all documents certifying professional or business relationships, the ticket in case of participation in fairs and congresses, stay for business, any surety for entry in Italy). Finally, it should be stated that, under Article 1 Law May 28, 2007 n. 68, the foreigner who wants to stay in Italy for business does not need a residence permit. By virtue of the above statutory provision, in fact, is no longer required for a residence permit for a short, less than three months for the purpose of views, business tourism and study the same being replaced by the declaration of stay to be made by the alien to officers of the border police at the time of entry or, if the stranger hast made a stopover in a country belonging to the Schengen area, within eight days from the foreign office of the City police Headquarters where he will stay. In the event that the alien does not comply to the above will be subject to an administrative expulsion.


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