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Tourist visa to go to Cuba

To enter Cuba Italian citizens must obtain a tourist visa, also called tarjeta Tourism, which is released by the Cuban consulate in your country or through travel agents.

To enter to the Republic of Cuba Italian citizens and foreigners must bring their tourist visa also called tarjeta tourist that is released from the Cuban consulate in your country or you can ask us. The tourist visa to go to Cuba, called tarjeta tourist, is a paper document that is filled by the tourist staff before his trip (not pasted to the passport). The visa is stamped on entry by border authorities Cuban and must be kept by the tourist until departure where it loses its validity.
The tourist visa is valid for 30 days may be extended by another 30 once you are in Cuba for a total of 60 days. If you want to extend your stay stay in the island it is necessary to contact the immigration authorities of the place where it is located. The visa extension is realized upon payment of a fee (Stamps - Stamps) that are bought in the branch of Banco Metropolitano. If you want to extend your stay in Cuba as tourists must enter and leave the country, and then it repeats. You can not leave the country without having shown the paper. Be careful not to lose it or you will have to pay another 25 r.
We inform you that with effect from 1 May 2010 all travelers, foreigners and Cubans living abroad at the time of entering Cuba will be required to hold a health insurance policy that covers any medical expenses to be incurred in the Island Cuba. The health insurance must cover the entire stay, and coincide with the return ticket or at least should not be less for the purchase or call us now for a quote.

To get the tourist visa to go to Cuba are required following documents:
- Passport valid for at least three months
- Address of accommodation in Cuba
- Indicate the date of departure and return and the point of embarkation
- Medical insurance valid for the entire period of stay in Cuba
- The address where you want to get a tourist visa directly at home


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